How did gus know there was a bomb

Gus is a business man and he knows that his business is based on Walt and Jesse's work. Gale was sent to work with Walt to learn from him and eventually replace his master in case of natural death (cancer) or in case he decided to leave. Then things changes, Walt becomes a threat to Gus and his organization and he decided to kill him and promote Gale..

The episode is titled "Face Off" and begins with Walt taking out the pipe bomb from the car and cornering Jesse for more information. After the events leading to Gus' death, Walt frees Walt from Gus's henchmen, and that's when Jesse reveals that Brock Cantillo was not really poisoned; he was just fed Lily of the Valley berries.The reason he needed to get rid of Victor is because he had been reckless. He showed himself at the apartment and he cooked without permission. But it's the first that's more important. The reason he killed him the way he did was to vent out his anger and to show Walt what happens to traitors.Cyrus and Gus should both be dead in an instant, by the shock if not the explosion itself. We'll theorize and say Gus was behind a wall, even though he obviously wasnt. Seeing the size of the bomb, its enough to blow the room to bits. Most likely, Gus would be shredded by shrapnel.

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Once in, the gang is for life. The only way to get out is to die. Tomas was a full member of the gang; he killed Combo as part of his initiation. Once in, there was no other way to leave but to die, and Gus ordered that he could no longer be part of the gang. So he had to die.Feb 1, 2024 · The Death Of Gustavo Fring Was One Of Breaking Bad's Most Gruesome. Gus died in Breaking Bad due to a pipe bomb planted by Walt and detonated by Hector Salamanca. With the pipe bomb equipped in his wheelchair, Hector carried out the assassination of Gus, but his death wasn't instantaneous. After the bomb detonated in Hector's nursing home, Gus ...Welp, that was an episode. Before I get onto my theories and my overall thoughts on The Wolf Among Us, I'll list how my ending resolved. -Georgie/Vivian died (this might happen regardless of your choices) -Handcuffed the Crooked Man. -Spared the Crooked Man. -Colin stays with Fabletown, Toad goes to Farm. Okay, so as a finale to The Wolf Among ...In my opinion he did it to show that even his best helpers are replaceable, he knew once victor knew the formula for the blue stuff he would think he can make it as good as jesse and walt but Gus knew Victor would be making inferior batches costing him big money in the long run.. thats my opinion victor also walked into Hales house holding a gun right after Gale was shot in the head and victor ...

Gus Fring’s ‘Breaking Bad’ death scene happened in real life. There’s a chilling moment following the explosion when Fring stands up, walks out the door of Hector’s room, and adjusts his ...It's not that he knew there was a bomb. It's that he didn't know there wasn't a bomb. It would be wrong to say Gus isn't a risk taker (especially after what he pulled in Mexico), but it's true he would never leave something purely to chance. He made a mistake by leaving his car unattended, and decided not to even risk it when he realized that.Sep 3, 2015 · Walt eats, and time passes. Finally, Walt gets up and goes to the counter. “Can I help you, sir?” Gus asks. “A Diet Coke, please, and five minutes of your time.” Gus brings the soda to Walt’s table. “What can I do for you?” “Have a seat. Please…I would like to know why you wouldn’t meet with me yesterday.”Many modern cult classic movies have earned a ton of money on home video, from both VHS and DVD sales or home rentals (remember those?). Some have become cultural institutions in a...Мы хотели бы показать здесь описание, но сайт, который вы просматриваете, этого не позволяет.

ktsmith91. Gus totally did NOT have a family. First off, we never see them so that's huge. In every single scene involving Gus, there's never any mention or implication that he has kids. Not even from his criminal partners that know him well. It's clearly a setup to keep up an image when he invites someone into his home.As we know in bcs and bb, hector is a hella stubborn individual. Even if Walt strapped the bomb around hector unwillingly, hector knowingly rang his bell, knowing he'd blow up. Say it was to kill Gus, I still don't find that a reason to even kill hector himself. So what was the reason hector agreed with Walt and willingly agreed to kill himself ...In Better Call Saul, how did Gus Fring know Lalo Salamanca was still alive? After Gus met with Hector Salamanca, why did he say to Mike "Lalo Salamanca lives... ….

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Gus knows because Mike told him. after delivering one of the best lines in BCS history (DON ELADIO CAN SOCK ME) hahaha. Nacho wants to kill Hector to protect his father, but Gus doesn't want that, he wants Hector broken, but not dead, so Gus tells Mike and Mike tells Nacho what to do. I'm guessing it had to do with the specifics of how to mess ...The first type of nuclear bomb is the fission bomb or atomic bomb and was the only type ever to be used in war, according to PBS.Fission bombs, as the name suggests, are powered by nuclear fission, or the splitting of an atom, according to Britannica.In an atomic bomb, a single neutron is used to divide an atom's nucleus, or the center of that atom, into multiple parts.

When the weight was being recorded, there is a scene where Jessie states to Walt that that the weight is 201.8 or something when the actual weight is higher. This leaves some for himself to take. He took the extra. Walt's quota was 200 lbs a anything extra. It's a quarter to half a pound, I'm pretty sure.Gus had just made a major move in decapitating the leadership of a major Mexican drug cartel. That opens up his operation to being targeted by a major rival cartel, or being targeted by surviving members of that cartel, and he also knows that a very clever and desperate Walt is out there.

ui integrity gdol ga gov Honestly, the car bomb thing doesn't bother me. It is in line with Gus's character to pick up on something subtle like that. The recurring theme was always that Gus was a few steps ahead of Walt all the time, so it would be reasonable for him to predict the bomb move. It is one of the things that I liked about the Lilly of the Valley revelation. monday shampoo lawsuitphylicia rashad height Better Call Saul. producer breaks down Lalo and Gus' showdown, Jimmy and Kim's future. "This is a deep connection and a deep commitment to one another," says exec producer Gordon Smith of Jimmy ...Walt eats, and time passes. Finally, Walt gets up and goes to the counter. "Can I help you, sir?" Gus asks. "A Diet Coke, please, and five minutes of your time." Gus brings the soda to Walt's table. "What can I do for you?" "Have a seat. Please…I would like to know why you wouldn't meet with me yesterday." ge downdraft vent parts It is possible he realizes that that restaurant lead did eventually pan out for Mike etc so there is some level of connection but there is no reason to assume he makes the mental leap to Gus. There is no benefit or reason for Mike to ever let Saul know about Gus, or everything that entails and i imagine Saul is intelligent enough to understand ...1. It was not realistic at all. He should have passed out as a result of the blast shock wave. Also, looking at his injuries, it is downright impossible to have them as presented. The shock wave of the explosion was strong enough to remove part of his right jaw, yet the rest of his jaw was not dislocated. reddit duval countyq54 bus trackertaylor series interval of convergence calculator People are saying her vagina, when I interpreted it as being stuck into her womb. Seems more symbolic that way. Probably in her head, or higher up in her body. Although the bomb they put in her was C4 plastic explosive so I wouldn't be …Have you ever wondered what would happen if you met yourself from the past? In this video, I explore the intriguing relationship between Walter White and Gus... closest ross from my location Walt: Gus please Jess- Gus: you know Walter restaurants can be dangerous accidents happen. *walter jr flinches back as hot oil accidentally slashes a little on his hand Walter: Oh my- *starts to stand Gus: Understand Walter my employees are all very loyal to me, and will make things happen for me *the smiling young man helping Walter Jr gives a ...6 Major Questions A Gus Fring Breaking Bad Spinoff Could Answer. Although Better Call Saul brought the story of the Breaking Bad universe to a close, there's still dramatic mileage in a spinoff focused on the early life of Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) that could answer some important questions. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has ... game chickens for sale by owneruniversal cambridge oven proof bowlrn comprehensive online practice 2023 a quizlet Nobody has come after Walt because nobody knew (at least at first) that Walt killed Gus. The only person who did know (based on a hunch) was Mike. To an outside eye, it looks like Tio killed Gus in revenge for the Cartel slaughter. Gus's connections would have been chasing a ghost (his unconnected meth cook which nobody knew).